At Sisu Engineering, we do some of our best work for contractors. Construction planning, temporary works and value engineering are our bread and butter. Our goal with every project is to help you get the job done safely, efficiently and ultimately save you time and money. We have experience across a wide range of project types and understand how things are done in the field.  

Construction Planning

  • Preliminary design evaluations
  • Value engineering – economical design options
  • Pre-bid project evaluation for cost development
  • Conceptual construction engineering and planning
  • Identification of construction engineering requirements (specification and code review)
  • Material use optimization

The planning stage, “pre-bid”, is crucial to getting the job. Project owners are putting more engineering responsibility onto contractors with every passing year. Understanding the requirements up front helps you produce a more accurate bid. We help identify conflicts, produce preliminary designs for temporary works, and provide value engineering options so that you can produce a more accurate bid, giving you a better chance to win the job. 

Worker Safety

  • Dust collection systems
  • Confined space ventilation
  • Fall protection systems
  • Worker platforms and scaffolding design
  • Support of Excavation (SOE) design
  • Debris shielding systems

Worker safety is paramount on every job. Implementing proper safety controls is a must to maintain a safe work site. We understand OSHA regulations related to construction sites and know what’s required. We can help you identify site specific worker safety issues and implement the proper engineering controls.

Design & Analysis

  • Modification to existing structural systems
  • Delegated design of hangers, supports, and vibration isolation
  • Temporary support of existing structural systems during modification
  • Evaluation of construction and equipment loads on new and existing structures
  • Lift planning and rigging design
  • Demolition planning
  • Mechanical – Electrical – Plumbing (MEP) Coordination
  • Submittals for designer of record review

There are many aspects to a construction project which require engineering, depending on the type of project and your specific means and methods. Mandated engineering requirements are typically defined in the contract documents. Contractors use engineering services in order to help solve challenging problems, complete delegated designs, and save money over the course of a project. If you’re unsure about needing an engineer or wonder “will this work?”, contact us for a free consultation.

Commissioning & Testing

  • Design review
  • Commissioning (Cx) plan development
  • Customized Pre-Functional Checklists (PFC) / Functional Performance Test (FPT) checklist development
  • Performance verification testing procedures
  • Technical guidance
  • Systematic troubleshooting

Commissioning and testing is crucial to understanding that systems are functioning and ready for turnover. Too often this step is overlooked due to financial or time constraints resulting in multiple call backs and lost revenue. Sisu Engineering will streamline the process by producing all checklists and reports you need to properly complete commissioning. We review the plans, specifications, and control sequences to ensure a complete evaluation reducing your time investment and the chance of callbacks.