Sisu Engineering offers engineering evaluations and investigative services to help you troubleshoot and determine the cause of failures. Failure does not always mean sudden catastrophic collapse. In many cases with structural and mechanical systems, failures can occur very slowly. Often times with structural systems, you may notice excessive cracking in plaster and drywall, noticeable sagging of walls or floors or cracking in your foundation. Mechanical system failure, such as with heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) can often be noticed by excessive noise or vibration, or in some cases improperly functioning systems. 

If you suspect that your building has an issue it may ultimately save you time and money to have an engineer investigate and troubleshoot the issue. We offer detailed evaluations, reporting and recommendations to mitigate structural and mechanical related issues. 



  • Investigation of sudden failure
  • Investigation of repeat failure of specific system components
  • Investigation of vibration or noise
  • Detailed analysis reports including cause and courses of actions

Sudden or repeat failure of mechanical system components can be a nightmare to debug. We have the expertise to evaluate an existing building mechanical system and determine the root cause of the problem through engineering evaluation.


  • Excessive deflection, rotation and movement
  • Sagging of floors or cracking drywall and plaster
  • Foundation settlement or excessive foundation cracking 
  • Cracking and plastic deformation of structural members
  • Corrosion and deterioration
  • We offer detailed reporting and analysis of structural issues and failures

Structural failures can be devastating. It is best to involve an engineer at the first sign of issues. In many circumstances, structures will give advanced warning of failure by showing signs of excessive deflection, cracking, corrosion, or movement. We have the expertise to recommend cost effective corrective actions prior to a more serious failure occurring.