We are licensed to conduct Professional Civil and Mechanical Engineering services in the state Massachusetts. We have Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals and multiple industry certifications including US Army Corps of Engineers Commissioning training.



At SJ Engineering, we do some of our best work for contractors. Construction planning, temporary works and value engineering are our bread and butter. Our goal with every project is to help you get the job done safely, efficiently and ultimately save you time and money. We have experience across a wide range of project types and understand how things are done in the field.



If you suspect that your building has an issue it may ultimately save you time and money to have an engineer investigate and troubleshoot the issue. We offer detailed evaluations, reporting and recommendations to mitigate structural and mechanical related issues.



We have engineering experience across a broad range of light commercial construction projects, from new buildings developed using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and sophisticated Building Automation Systems, to very old structures that were built using historic building codes and pneumatic controls. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals in a cost effective and safe manner through innovative solutions.



Proper residential construction is very important to home owners. Your home is often your biggest investment and engineering protects your investment by ensuring that your home is safe, efficient and built to latest building codes. Residential engineering designs can often be completed remotely, saving you time and money.


Construction Planning / PRE-CON

The planning stage, “pre-bid”, is crucial to getting the job. Project owners are putting more engineering responsibility onto contractors with every passing year. Understanding the requirements up front helps you produce a more accurate bid. We help identify conflicts, produce preliminary designs for temporary works, and provide value engineering options so that you can produce a more accurate bid, giving you a better chance to win the job. 


  • Preliminary design evaluations
  • Value engineering – economical design options
  • Pre-bid project evaluation for cost development
  • Conceptual construction engineering and planning
  • Identification of construction engineering requirements (specification and code review)
  • Material use optimization


Worker Safety

Worker safety is paramount on every job. Implementing proper safety controls is a must to maintain a safe work site. We understand OSHA regulations related to construction sites and know what’s required. We can help you identify site specific worker safety issues and implement the proper engineering controls.


  • Dust collection systems
  • Confined space ventilation
  • Fall protection systems
  • Worker platforms and scaffolding design
  • Support of Excavation (SOE) design
  • Debris shielding systems


Design & Analysis

There are many aspects to a construction project which require engineering, depending on the type of project and your specific means and methods. Mandated engineering requirements are typically defined in the contract documents. Contractors use engineering services in order to help solve challenging problems, complete delegated designs, and save money over the course of a project. If you’re unsure about needing an engineer or wonder “will this work?”, contact us for a free consultation.


  • Modification to existing structural systems
  • Delegated design of hangers, supports, and vibration isolation
  • Temporary support of existing structural systems during modification
  • Evaluation of construction and equipment loads on new and existing structures
  • Lift planning and rigging design
  • Demolition planning
  • Mechanical – Electrical – Plumbing (MEP) Coordination
  • Submittals for designer of record review


Commissioning & Testing

Commissioning and testing is crucial to understanding that systems are functioning and ready for turnover. Too often this step is overlooked due to financial or time constraints resulting in multiple call backs and lost revenue. SJ Engineering will streamline the process by producing all checklists and reports you need to properly complete commissioning. We review the plans, specifications, and control sequences to ensure a complete evaluation reducing your time investment and the chance of callbacks.


  • Design review
  • Tailored commissioning (Cx) plan development
  • Pre-Functional Checklists (PFC)
  • Functional Performance Test (FPT) development & performance verification testing (PVT) procedures
  • Technical guidance
  • Systematic troubleshooting

We off an array of remote and on-site services to simplify to Cx process. We develop plans, and commissioning documentation to assist contractors and owners. Every project receives procedures tailored to meet its needs so your systems operate at their peak efficiency when the process is finished. Contact us to see how we can help you streamline the Cx or Retro-Cx process.


SJ Engineering offers engineering evaluations and investigative services to help you troubleshoot and determine the cause of failures. Failure does not always mean sudden catastrophic collapse. In many cases with structural and mechanical systems, failures can occur very slowly. Often times with structural systems, you may notice excessive cracking in plaster and drywall, noticeable sagging of walls or floors or cracking in your foundation. Mechanical system failure, such as with heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) can often be noticed by excessive noise or vibration, or in some cases improperly functioning systems. 



Sudden or repeat failure of mechanical system components can be a nightmare to debug. We have the expertise to evaluate an existing building mechanical system and determine the root cause of the problem through engineering evaluation.


  • Investigation of sudden failure
  • Investigation of repeat failure of specific system components
  • Investigation of vibration or noise
  • Detailed analysis reports including cause and courses of actions


Structural failures can be devastating. It is best to involve an engineer at the first sign of issues. In many circumstances, structures will give advanced warning of failure by showing signs of excessive deflection, cracking, corrosion, or movement. We have the expertise to recommend cost effective corrective actions prior to a more serious failure occurring.


  • Excessive deflection, rotation and movement
  • Sagging of floors or cracking drywall and plaster
  • Foundation settlement or excessive foundation cracking 
  • Cracking and plastic deformation of structural members
  • Corrosion and deterioration
  • We offer detailed reporting and analysis of structural issues and failures



We have engineering experience across a broad range of light commercial construction projects, from new buildings developed using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and sophisticated Building Automation Systems, to very old structures that were built using historic building codes and pneumatic controls. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals in a cost effective and safe manner through innovative solutions.

Below are some of the structural and mechanical planning, design, and construction phase consulting services we offer for commercial buildings.


HVAC Systems

According to the US Department of Energy, buildings consume more than 50% of America’s energy on a daily basis. Buildings more than 5 years old, both public and private, make up the majority of energy consumption. Evaluating a building as it stands and providing recommendations to reduce fossil fuel energy consumption is a passion of SJ Engineering.


  • Sizing, specification, and control of equipment
  • Duct sizing and layout – rigid, flexible, hazardous, grease, underground
  • Pipe sizing and layout – hot and chilled water, glycol, natural gas, radiant, snow melt, geothermal
  • Energy planning, guidance, compliance – COMCHECK
  • Complete mechanical designs for projects under 25,000 square feet 
  • Updating and integrating instrumentation, controls and automation systems
  • Upgrade, retrofit, and modification of existing systems


Structural Systems

Loading requirements change when building occupancy or use changes. This may require modifications to the existing structural systems to support the new load. Safety of the building occupants under the new load is our main concern.


  • Building code compliance reviews
  • Modification to existing structures
  • Wood, steel and concrete structures
  • Concrete footings and slabs
  • Pile foundations
  • Evaluation of occupancy type and load changes
  • Historic buildings and building codes


Supporting Infrastructure

Buildings cannot stand alone they rely on supporting infrastructure to function. We have engineering expertise in a wide range of infrastructure systems to support your building project.


  • Retaining walls
  • Access road bridges and culverts
  • Slabs on grade
  • Piping modifications


We support architects, builders, developers, and real estate agents directly on a variety of projects including the following types of buildings. Homeowners should first contact one of the construction professionals above or we would be happy to recommend someone for you.


  • Custom Built Homes
  • Luxury Custom Homes
  • Modular Homes
  • Sub-Division Production Homes
  • Renovations and Additions
  •  Residential Complexes and Developments


Request a quote or visit our Scope of Services page for more information – typical residential engineering services start with free consultation or site visit to assess your needs, discuss your project or issue, and provide you guidance on your project. After we’ve reviewed your specifics we’ll provide you a proposal of services for review.


 HVAC Design 

Our goal is to develop systems that will make you love your home and feel comfortable inside. We design systems that are cost effective both initially and over the life of the home, while reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. We also offer validation of systems to local clients to ensure they were installed and are operating per the design. Learn more at dedicated page. Below are some of the services we offer:


  • IEQ optimization
  • Energy analysis, compliance, and reduction
  • Heat Loss & Heat Gain Load Calculations
  • Duct Design, Energy Recovery, and Permit Drawings
  • Wood Fired / Dual Fuel Systems
  • In-Floor Radiant Heating
  • Hot Water Radiator Heating
  • De-Humidification Systems for Indoor Pool
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geothermal)
  • Snow Melt Systems
  • Solar Thermal Design & Domestic Hot Water Heat Recovery
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume, Heat Pumps, Split Systems


Structural Design

Residential structures are typically designed and constructed using prescriptive design methods. These methods can only be used for prescriptive design conditions. Any deviation from the prescriptive conditions requires an engineered design. We always recommend a review of new construction designs to ensure they comply with building codes and fit within prescriptive design conditions. A review is typically inexpensive and can give you piece of mind in your investment. Modifications to existing structural systems should always involve an engineer. If you are not sure if you need an engineer, please contact us for a free consultation or speak with your local building inspector. We are here to help you through your project.


  • Residential wood construction design
  • Unique situations (non-prescriptive)
  • Footing sizing
  • Retaining wall design 
  • Modification to existing structural systems
  • Large spans and open concept floor spaces


Insurance / Mortgage Reviews

Banks and insurance companies sometimes will require that an engineer perform a review or inspection of a property prior to agreeing to provide a mortgage or insurance coverage. This limits overall risk for all parties involved. An engineering investigation is typically requested after a home inspection, if issues are noted. We can provide additional insight on potential structural and mechanical issues that a normal home inspection would not cover.


  • Technical guidance for lease agreements and reviews
  • Structural inspection of home for mortgage / insurance approval (local only)
  • Heating / cooling system inspection of home for mortgage / insurance approval (local only)


Renewable Energy

Residential renewable energy, energy recovery, and micro-grids are becoming more desirable and cost effective with energy prices rising rapidly. We can select and specify renewable energy systems for your home and provide information on the payback time for the system. We use detailed life cycle cost analysis tailored specifically to your location and the equipment you want.


  • Energy Evaluations
  • Air-to-Air heat exchangers
  • Solar hot water pre-heat systems
  • Waste water energy recovery
  • Condensing water heaters and combination boilers
  • Geothermal design