Why hire an Engineer?

Code Requirements: Many projects are required by the authority having jurisdiction to engage a registered design professional (RDP) competent in their field. For commercial projects and residential projects consisting of more than a three family dwelling an engineer is required to oversee the design and ensure construction meets the design intent. For one and two family homes contractors and architects can generally provide all legally required services, however certain non-standard situations may require an engineer.

Detailed Analysis: In situations when an engineer isn’t legally required it may still be prudent to engage one. Engineers provide detailed analysis as well as have extensive education and experience in their field that generally exceeds the skill level of architects and contractors alone. Engineers can be engaged early to develop concepts, provide recommendations, or help make technical decisions. Engineers can provide design consultation throughout the process and observe construction to ensure compliance with current codes and industry standards.

Engineering Opinion: When a complicated or technical challenge arises, Professional Engineers are the only people who can legally provide an engineering opinion. We encourage you to visit your states engineering boards website to verify licensure prior to engaging them in services.

Peace of Mind: If you’re unsure about a situation or challenge, a professional engineer can provide their opinion or detailed analysis that you can have confidence in.



Levels of Service

Phone consultation: We offer a flat hourly rate for clients who want one-on-one help, advice or our opinion; or want to discuss challenges with construction or technical issues with systems or equipment. If you decide to proceed further with a professional services agreement we will credit the phone consultation fee towards your design fee.

Limited design services: For single tasks and less complex projects, clients may chose to use our limited services shown in the table below – we provide calculations, structural member sizing, duct sizing, equipment certifications, and energy compliance paperwork. For these tasks just send us your floor plans in PDF or DWG format and we’ll provide the limited services you select, quickly; just send an email with the floor plans and requested services to info@sisuengineering.comand we’ll contact you with payment details. For limited services quotes include one revision and a professional review. If you have specific requirements, aggressive energy / indoor environmental quality goals, or we feel that the building is too complex for limited service we’ll recommend our full design services.

Full design services: When building or renovating complex homes, luxury homes, or a unique system we recommend full engineering and design consultation services – we produce detailed design schematics, engineering calculations, drawings and equipment lists; as well as, attend meetings, phone calls, and complete product reviews. Our design consultation will also include an allowance for working with code officials, on-site meetings, and quality assurance inspections. Please request a quotefor a residential or commercial design proposal and we can discuss your project plans, and requirements. All of our calculations are completed using industry standard best practices and are reviewed and approved by a Professional Engineer (PE). A PE seal will be affixed to all design documents produced under our full design and consultation services.

Retainer: If you’re a building owner, developer, or architect and require regular engineering services it may be more economical for an organization to place us on a retainer fee. This is a service negotiated for a specific allotment of hours at a agreed upon fee. Please ask for details.