“Sisu” is a Finnish concept that cannot be directly translated into any other language. It roughly means strength of will, determination, perseverance, and taking rational action against impossible odds and adversities. However, it goes far beyond this meaning. It can be said that Sisu begins where determination and perseverance ends. It is a philosophy that the Finns use to overcome insurmountable challenges. 

One of the best historic examples of Sisu is the Winter War of World War II between the Finns and the Soviet Union. During World War II there were only three capital cities in Europe that were never occupied by a foreign power, London, Moscow and Helsinki Finland. The most unlikely of these being Helsinki. Finland is a small country that had only just recently gained its independence from Soviet Union with very limited resources and was badly outnumbered in all aspects by the Soviets. The Finns were able to defend their homeland from the Soviets, making the Soviets suffer five casualties for every one Finnish casualty. The Finns say that they were able to accomplish this impossible task through the mindset they call sisu. 

At Sisu Engineering, we operate under the mindset that Sisu can be applied to every day challenges. We live to solve challenging problems and enjoy using engineering to help our clients achieve their goals, however challenging and difficult they may seem.